Here’s what our members are saying:

"I enjoy teaching in WEN.  I have lots of communication with every student every chapter and get to know them.   The interaction and support of coaches in other districts only strengthens my connections with students.  We work together to help students succeed."

-Kristin Terry, Baraboo Spanish Instructor

“WEN connects education partners who are looking to collaborate towards similar goals in the digital learning space. Exceptionally low operational costs, high quality online courses and access to interoperable digital content are a testimony to the strategic connectivity through WEN.”

-Erik Hanson, Appleton eSchool Program Leader, WEN Board and Emerging Technologies Chair

"As an online math teacher, the Wisconsin eSchool Network (WEN) has provided the support I need to help students be successful.  The support includes ongoing professional development, professional learning communities, an online technical support system, a robust student information system and learning management system, and updated course content with embedded common core standards. The Teacher Resources Course allows me to add my material to the online course and then drop it into each of my math sections, quite easily."

-Sue Steiner, Online Math Instructor, WEN Board Member, Multi-Committee Member

 "Because of our partnership with WEN, the small school district of Grantsburg has become a state leader in student digital learning.  We have the highest respect for WEN partners and cooperate with them very frequently.  WEN has helped our students reach their academic goals. Grantsburg greatly appreciates the Wisconsin eSchool Network."

-Mr. Billy Beesley, M.Ed., S.Ed. Principal Grantsburg School District, WEN Board Member

 "Being a partner in the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) has already brought significant savings to the school districts that utilize Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS). In our first year with the Collaborative, we were able to lower the cost of the “use your own teacher model” from $200 to $150. That’s a 25% cost savings per course enrollment when a district utilizes their own teacher and the WDLC’s infrastructure!”

"The “power of many” is what being part of the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) has provided to Wisconsin Virtual School. We now can offer online content from six different national providers and keep our cost per semester course enrollment the same it’s been for 12 years! Most districts in the State of Wisconsin are not able to put the necessary volume purchasing power together without collaborating in this partnership. WDLC has provided that purchasing power and saving districts the headaches of negotiating with providers and signing multi-year contracts when first starting their programs and number of enrollments is an unknown."

-Dawn Nordine, Executive Director, Wisconsin Virtual School, WEN Board Member/Secretary

"The Wisconsin eSchool Network (WEN) provides us with the tools and support we need to step into the future and meet the individual needs of our diverse community of learners.

-Duane Simmons, Principal Central High School and George Warriner Schools, WEN Board Member

"Our partnership in WEN and the WDLC has benefited the students and staff in our district tremendously.  It provides us cost effective access to digital resources for fully online courses or blended applications while at the same time providing us access to some of the greatest human resources in the state!  The collaborative nature of the organization allows all of our school districts to stay connected and support each other while affording each district the autonomy to implement digital learning in the way that best fits their needs"

-Jill Gurtner, Clark Street Community School, Middleton, WEN Board and Executive Committee Chair

 “Our collaborative work has positioned WEN to focus on the operational and contractual aspects of digital learning freeing up our partners to focus and become the instructional and academic experts. This approach allows for our partners to benefit from the savings and efficiencies collaborative work generates. Simultaneously allowing each partner to leverage knowledge sharing, quality practices, and lessons learned to generate the desired outcomes aligned with each local partner's goals and objectives (which do vary)."

-John Jacobs, Director Wisconsin eSchool Network