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Operate the program you want, using the tools you need that grow with you.

Vendors try to convince you that their product is the best. We combine more than one solution to give you choice and options. With a single partnership you have access to multiple solutions that will help you build your online and digital learning program. Below are a few of the curriculum vendors available for your program to select from. With full control of what, when, and how you no  longer have to pick one solution.

Curriculum Partners3

Not one partner. Multiple partners.

Built by forward-thinking Wisconsin educators, administrators and schools, Wisconsin eSchool Network is a non-profit educational collective with one goal: to give Wisconsin schools the technology, resources and autonomy to provide great digital learning experiences. We don’t have shareholders to please, just educators to empower. It’s why we co-founded the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative, in 2012. Together with Wisconsin Virtual School, The Department of Public Instruction, and The Wisconsin eSchool Network we are working to ensure high quality equitable access for Wisconsin educators. State law requires the DPI to advocate digital learning and instead of recreating the wheel the DPI worked to find high quality existing practices and enable them to continue doing the work from the ground up vs. the top down.

Not one kind of classroom. Any kind of classroom.

Technology is making digital learning possible. Teachers make it personal. Wisconsin eSchool Network’s customizable programs are designed for many types of digital learning models. It enables partners with tools giving middle and high school educators the power to create learning environments that work best for their students regardless of fully online programs or a blended approach. Partners can even tap into our network of licensed teachers to extend their subject expertise while you build local capacity. You control your classrooms. 




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