Research Based

There are many buzz words floating around our educational system today. Flipped, online, blended, personalized, competency, and many others. As you dig into each of these there is a common denominator that resonates with each term. "Student Centric" education is the core of each of these. So what? Well, as you dig into research the largest challenge revolves around the ability to scale this approach, which we all know is not new to educators. Is technology the simple answer? We all know the answer is no, but technology is a significant tool in the toolbelt and a necessary means to solve the challenge of scale.

This is where WEN comes in. WEN provides a research based approach integrating key infrastructures for our partners to leverage in alignment with their local goals, objectives, and program needs. Our platform and collaborative knowledge sharing will "jump start" your program without having to work through lessons already learned across our partners over the last 10+ years. 

Wisconsin eSchool Network’s scalable digital learning platform, easy-to-use dashboards and robust LMS and Content Management technologies offer school districts a wide range of smart assessment, learning and content management tools designed to help students learn and teachers teach. As we continue to build "choice" for our partners the following is one of many resources we use as a guide.