WI Licensed Instruction (if needed)

Access to Licensed Instructors

Not every school district can offer Criminology, Forensic Science,  or Chinese electives. That’s why Wisconsin eSchool Network partners have access to use local instructors and share instructors if needed. As a partner you will also have an opportunity to contribute teachers to help offset your local costs. All instructors are employed by our collaborative partners. WEN does not employee any teachers, WEN does all of the heavy lifting to create equitable access.

Sharing teachers is a cost-effective way for school districts to expand their capabilities and tap into new teachers’ content area expertise. To participate, districts simply strike a balance between the instruction they “use” from other partners and the instruction they “provide” to other partners. “Provide” instruction for five enrollments and use six? You’ll pay a modest fee for the difference of one.

Sharing instruction is a straight-forward way for school districts to scale digital learning even if they don’t initially have the local staffing support they need. Our goal is to help partners build a local program using local teachers over time. 

Fact: 90% of the enrollments across our collaboration are local students taught by local instructors. However, for the 10% of enrollments that use shared instruction across partners we have agreed upon an exchange rate for every half credit taught.

With this fixed rate each partner has the discretion to compensate it’s teachers based on local policy. Partners may leverage full-licensed teachers from other partners or provide an instructor to provide instruction to other partners while being reimbursed for every half credit taught to non-local enrollments. Our collaborative goal is to help partners end with a neutral balance. 

Example: A current partner had a vision for digital learning but needed time to build local capacity. Year 1 that partner used instruction for all enrollments from other partners. In year 2 the partner used a handful of local teachers and a handful of partner instructors. By year 3 our partner was able to meet almost all of their local digital learning needs with local instructors with the exception of a few unique foreign language electives. The key was their vision and commitment to build local instructor capacity.