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Online content can be used to best meet the needs of your district. Did you know that blended learning is nothing more than taking "Online" learning and using the parallel toolset in the "traditional" classroom? Online courses don't simply have to be used online. See below for content available to our partners in one platform with each partner choosing who uses the content, what content they want to use, when they use the content, where they use the content, why they use the content, and how they use the content. 

Online learning, flipped learning, personalized learning, digital learning, blended learning, hybrid learning... Pick your preferred buzz word, the digital content is here to use. Technology is not the answer but is part of the solution to scale 21st century learning.

In addition to partners being able to build their own online/digital content, the Wisconsin eSchool Network partners with many curriculum vendors including but not limited to Florida Virtual SchooleDynamic LearningCarone FitnessMiddlebury Foreign LanguagesAccelerate EducationFuel Education, and Odysseyware.

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Our offerings include a multi-faceted solution including locally developed, vendor licensed, and purchased perpetual curriculum. If you have a specific content provider you would like WEN Inc. to consider please do not hesitate to let us know.

If you are worried about content you may have developed on your local LMS, don't be. In most instances (not all) you can export those courses and load them on our LMS or continue to use our single sign on to offer the course on your LMS.

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