Put WEN to work for your district.

WEN is a partner not a vendor. It takes two, WEN can be your operational expert allowing your leaders to be the academic and instructional experts.

If needed WEN can assist with your strategic planning and program launch to help with change management, WEN is available to help you build and implement a great digital learning program. Our research-based offerings are available to districts looking for a calculated and collaborative solution:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Creation & Compliancy
  • Program Launch Support
  • Mentoring
  • Shared Program Staffing: Online Learning Directorship and Coordinator
Give your teachers a Jump Start: Hundreds of Online Courses and a Repository of Digital Assets

Explore our course catalog and you’ll see: WEN connects school districts to nearly $2 million in owned curriculum from some of the most respected names in digital education. Our members influence and drive our continuously evolving course catalog and tool expansion. 

As a result, our multi-faceted offerings include locally developed course options, licensed and purchased curriculum from vendors such as Florida Virtual School, eDynamic Learning, Aventa Learning, Carone Fitness, Middlebury Foreign Languages, Accelerate Education and more.

Worried about your current content? Don’t be. Most previously-developed courses can be exported and integrated in WEN’s learning management system. We will work with you to minimize the change management.

Members also have access to WEN’s Open Education Resources library that allows you to browse shared content from other districts, as well as, utilize fully-prepared lessons plans that are ready to go. All materials can be edited, copied and/or integrated into your own customized course materials. 

Take a tour of Science II, one the many excellent WEN-owned courses we offer.

The best way to get started? Talk to WEN about your district’s unique needs.

Training for Teachers

How do you make the shift from teacher-led instruction to student-centered learning? Join the SLATE Pre-Conference on December 3rd, 2018 with Heather Staker as she models successful methods for freeing up place, time, and pace to center the learning experience on the needs of each learner. 

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