Partner Pathways

One amazing network. Three very different ways to join.

Whether you’re adding a few online courses to an existing program or building a new digital learning environment from the ground up, there’s a Wisconsin eSchool Network membership plan for you. Customize as little (or as much) as you want, and only pay for the resources you use. Let us help you choose the right membership level for your school district’s needs. 


Supplemental3 Pathway 1-->  -Looking for online solutions but aren’t ready for a formal partnership?

Add flexibility to your digital programs with a la carte access to Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS) resources. It’s an uncomplicated way to add online courses to your existing middle or high school curriculum. There are no annual fees; simply pay as you go and use only the tools you need. Click here to learn more.

Affiliate3 Pathway 2 -->  -Looking for digital solutions to help grow your vision over time? 

Build the digital schoolhouse you want with a wealth of shared resources and insights from other program leaders. Access many options based on local decisions and enjoy scalable enrollment fees—along with access to Wisconsin eSchool Network’s expanding course catalog, professional development resources, licensed teachers, etc. This model also allows for full customizable and locally branded toolsets.

A good choice for: Districts with a calculated vision looking to enable local teachers with online/digital tools. With the use of local teachers this is the “middle of the road” financial model that provides local control, identity, and savings. Whether you are looking for online content for a flipped classroom or looking to increase online electives or any combination the Affiliate model provides you with the needed tools.

  • The strategic growth of small to midsized digital learning programs
  • A combination of local instructors with licensed digital instructors from Network partners.
  • Achieving measurable student performance gains
Invested3 Pathway 3 --> -Need solutions for a large vision with the need for maximized autonomy and an elevated voice in our collaboration. 

Make your initial financial investment—providing you access to the most cost savings, a voting voice—and enjoy everything Wisconsin eSchool Network can offer. Create a scalable, successful learning program with an all-access pass to customizable courses, unlimited enrollment and staff support, not to mention easy integration of popular learning tools for less (thanks to WEN’s purchasing power). Invested members also receive strategic planning support and a voting seat on our Board of Directors.

A good choice for: Programs looking towards large scale/adoption of online/digital learning solutions seeking a voting voice with the highest long term savings and collaborative involvement. 

  • The large-scale adoption of a digital learning technology
  • Training local staff on industry-leading tools and best practices
  • Achieving sustainable digital program autonomy
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