Quick Summary

Our Mission

Built by forward-thinking Wisconsin educators, administrators and schools, Wisconsin eSchool Network is a full-service digital learning program connecting more than 25 districts to a wealth of shared resources, 24/7 customer service & tech support.

As a non-profit educational collective, WEN has one goal: to give Wisconsin schools the technology, resources and autonomy to provide great digital learning experiences. We don’t have shareholders to please, just educators to empower. And that makes all the difference.

Fast Facts
  • Founded in 2002 by Wisconsin’s Appleton Area and Kiel school districts
  • 25 Wisconsin Districts/Partners as of 2015
  • Governed by a Board of Invested Member Districts
  • 4,700 Enrollments in 2011
  • 20,000+ Enrollments in 2015
  • WEN has never had a partner leave, we have helped partners move pathways to meet local needs
  • WEN partners have over 250 teachers teaching online 
  • WEN has increased from 1 curriculum vendor to 6+ over the last 4 years to meet partner needs
  • WEN has partners with 95% successful completion rates
  • WEN owns nearly $2 million worth of online content availabe to partners
  • WEN partners implement online and blended learning programs
  • WEN partners implement summer school, gifted and talented, at risk, full time and part time programs.
Three partners. Unparalleled support.

Wisconsin eSchool Network has been a proud member of Wisconsin’s statewide web academy since 2010. Two years later, we partnered with the most trusted names in education and co-founded the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative. 

Learn more about our partners:

Wisconsin Virtual School
A WDLC founding partner, Wisconsin Virtual School provides supplemental curriculum for middle and high school learners in more than 220 school districts.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
A WDLC founding partner, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provides funding, quality assurance and accountability.

The Wisconsin eSchool Network
A WDLC founding partner, the Wisconsin eSchool Network is a 501(c)(3) founded and governed by WI school districts offering the key infrastructure needed to provide districts autonomouy while having equitable access to quality digital learning tools and resources.