Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why Digital Learning?
A: Personalizing learning through flipped, blended, online, supplemental, or any other hybrid option. 

Q: How do I know if WEN is a good fit for us?
A: If you can answer "yes" to the next 5 questions it is very likely WEN is a perfect fit: 1) Do you have a vision for adopting digital learning over time? 2) Are you willing to designate a local leader/staff person along with local teachers to grow your program? 3) Do you value collaboration and consortium work (we are not a vendor)? 4) Do you understand quality takes time? 5) Are you willing and committed to work through the tough questions, policies, and operations of implementing a digital program for long term sustainability? 

Q: Should WEN only be used for online learning?
A: Absolutely not. WEN partner do and can use our platform for any local needs. Examples of how partners use WEN includes but is not limited to: summer school, online learning, supplemental access, part time, full time, flipped, hybrid, personalized learning, gifted and talented, alternative education, and traditional classrooms looking for digital content. The return on investment is up to each partner relating to how broad they adopt these tools. The reality is, the tools can be used in any model you can dream up.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: As part of the WDLC there are three pathways for interested programs. WEN will assist with the process of investigating which pathway is appropriate and then will launch an "Onboarding" process with each partner. 

Q: What is the difference between an Invested Membership and an Affiliate Membership?
A: Invested partners have a one time (can be spread over 5 years) larger up-front fee with the lowest operating expenses along with a voting board seat, while Affiliate partners have a much smaller annual fee along with proportionately higher operating expenses and no voting seat.

Q: How soon could we join?
A: WEN onboards partners throughout the year based on what is best for districts in alignment with agreed upon launch dates. In 2015 we launched partners in the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

Q: Which digital learning tools are available via WEN?
A: WEN provides a lot of tools and resources but does not limit districts from expanding and or considering their needs. Due to partner needs WEN has increased and continues to increase strategic partnerships with vendors based on partner needs. This allows districts to increase access to assets without going into contract or executing a local RFP process. 

Q: Will our district be able to customize WEN's interface?
A: As part of collaborative work, each part does have a voice in the customizations and development projects WEN engages in through our partner represented Emerging Technologies, Curriculum, and Resources Committee. All curriculum is completely managed locally meaning you can edit, modify, enhance, or simplify any content based on local policy. WEN is actively engaged annually on a continuous improvement cycle customizing our tools specific to WI Partner needs.

Q: How much flexibility will our local instructors have with their course content?
A: 100% - partners have direct access to modify any content to meet local needs or you can use it off the shelf. All owned content can be modified as needed and content that is licensed can be modified by the teacher but is not owned.

Q: What types of student data will be available to parents and instructors?
A: Traditional LMS data is available (grades, pace, login, communication, transcript data, etc.). All data is owned and managed by the local school district. 

Q: Is it an annual contract?
A: Invested partners are partners indefinitely and operating expenses are based on consumption. If you use nothing you pay nothing. If you use for online or blended you pay based on what you use. Affiliate partners have 2 and 4 year partnership opportunities that renew unless terminated. Our experience has proven that quality programs take time to build. If you need more flexible terms or simply want to start with a supplemental model we have a pathway for this as well.

Q: What happens if our program needs exceed our membership level?
A: We grow with you. We do not cap or bill you for anything more or less than what you consume. Vendors traditionally bill based on a "prebuy" or student/teacher counts.  Our expenses billed to you only relate to what you use not superficial counts. If you have 5 teachers teaching blended courses you pay for 5 teachers not the entire district. If you have 100 online enrollments you pay for 100 online enrollments, not a prepaid amount you lose out on if you don't use it all.